MG snow plough is very flexible and basically made with hydraulic control. Unique linkage of segment on the frame allows the lateral displacement of up to 180 and leap obstacles when ploughing to a height up to 15 cm. It is especially suitable for ploughing municipal roads, bike paths, walkways, parking, access roads or industrial areas. Mounting is possible on the front three-point linkage, various mounting plates regarding the vehicles or communal mounting plate. The height-adjustable skids can be optimally adjusted ploughing high and consequently wear of blades.

Basic equipment:
• frame with one segment
• hydraulic system to swivel the plough left-right
• hydraulic hoses with fast couplings DN10-ISO 7241-1A
• kerbs deflector left-right
• three-point linkage CAT I, II and III or mounting plate as per EN 15432 F1 (former DIN 76 060, size 5 or 3)
• pressure relief valve
• stronger two-way hydraulic cylinders
• lateral inclination up to 18°
• the height-adjustable skids
• monting plate is attached whit screws
• marking flags whit bracked
• storage leg
• colour RAL 2011

Steel blade
different mounting plate for Ladog, Multicar, Euro, frontloader

Snow plough Width [mm] Clearing width 30° [mm] Height middle [mm] Height outside Approximate weight [kg]
MG-200 2.000 1.750 800 900 290
MG-230 2.300 2.015 800 900 315
MG-250 2.500 2.185 800 900 340
MG-270 2.700 2.355 800 900 360
MG-300 3.000 2.600 800 900 380