H - snow plough is designed for clearing snow in lighter conditions, such as small parking, access roads or small industrial area. It is intended for mounting on the front or rear of the tractor three-point linkage. Mechanical rotation makes cleaning snow to the desired page. The height-adjustable skids can be optimally adjusted ploughing high and consequently wear of blades.

Basic equipment:
• one segment whit bracket
• mechanical system to swivel the plough left-right-straight
• the main pin is made with a bearing and lubrication
• three-point linkage CAT I, II and III
• high adjustable support skids
• storage leg
• colour RAL 2011

Steel blade whit shock absorber
Steel blade
Polyurethane blade
Hydraulic system to swivel the plough whit one cylider and pressure relief valve

Snow plough Width [mm] Clearing width 30° [mm] Blade anglel Height [mm] Approximate weight [kg]
H-220 2.200 1.920 15° 800 170
H-240 2.400 2.185 15° 800 185